Updated March 12, 2021:

Dear Clients,

The health and well-being of your cats is our top priority. As long as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our community, we are taking extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of humans within our facilities.

Our clinic remains open and is operating under regular business hours. However, we may adjust clinic hours as conditions dictate.


We will continue having curbside appointments and drop-offs until further notice as dictated by the Maryland Veterinary Medical Board.  We continue restricting access to our lobby and adjusting our check-in and checkout procedures to keep our hospital staff and clients safe during this pandemic. We kindly ask that you follow the below steps for the safety of all:

  • If you are healthy and have an appointment, upon arrival at our clinic, PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE OR OUTSIDE THE CLINIC AND CALL US AT 301-587-0052 TO SPEAK TO A MEMBER OF OUR TEAM.

  • After receipt of the call we will check you in, a technician will get pet history over telephone and then have you leave your kitty in a carrier near the front door.  We will come out and  bring your cat into the building.  We kindly ask that you wait in your vehicle during the time your pet is in our care and we will communicate via phone and email, the results of the exam and get consent of treatment. At the conclusion of the appointment our receptionist will call to collect payment with you over the phone and then bring your cat back outside.  

  • If you are feeling ill or experiencing flu-like symptoms and have an upcoming non-life threatening appointment, we kindly ask that you call us to reschedule or to discuss alternative options.

  • If your cat requires urgent care or has a medical emergency, and you are ill, please make arrangements with a friend or family member to bring in the pet for you. We kindly ask that you call us ahead of time to make appropriate arrangements and follow above guidelines.

  • If you need to pick up food or medication, PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE OR OUTSIDE THE CLINIC AND CALL US.  We will coordinate payment with you over the phone and deliver the order to your car as soon as possible. Pet food and prescription refills can also be ordered ONLINE at https://acatpractice.vetsfirstchoice.com/

  • For all the above scenarios we will do our best to coordinate your visit from the comfort of your car, including providing follow-up instructions and payment. Our goal is to continue to deliver essential services to our patients and keep cats and people safe! 

For additional questions, please contact us at info@acatpractice.com or 301-587-0052. 

This page will continue to be updated with the our latest information.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation,

-The team at A Cat Practice