Kittens/Cats for Adoption

We continue to try to foster/find homes for kittens and cats.  If you are interested in adopting one of our adoptables, or looking soon, let us know!  We get kittens/cats from clients that can't keep them as well as from the Montgomery County Community Cat Coalition.  It's going to be a busy kitten season!

Our adoption fee for kittens/cats is $350 includes the completed kitten vaccination series of feline distemper vaccine, leukemia virus vaccine, and rabies vaccine for their first year, typical dewormings, microchip/registration fees, spay/neuter surgery.  All of these services are either completed before adoption or within the first 3 months after adoption to be covered under the adoption fee and must be done at our practice.  Otherwise they are at the adoptor's expense.  If you would like to help our cause more, we accept donations of towels, new or easily cleaned toys, unopened bags of kitten food, and hiding beds...Thank you for considering our kitties!!

Updated July 31, 2020:

We have a bonded pair  - young female approx. 8-10 months old (she's about 6.5 lbs), and one of her kittens who is approximately 10 weeks old.  He was adopted out for a week but it didn't work out because of other cats in the household.  When the kitties saw each other again, it was obvious they wanted to be together!  They are both playful and sweet!  She loves kittens, hasn't shown any aggression when we've had client cats in the area, and likes our clinic cat, Puppy.


Please consider them for your family.  Email for an adoption application.

Enjoying the view from up high!

Updated July 31, 2020:

We have male/female silver medium haired 3 month old kittens that are a bonded pair up for adoption.  They have been with us for a couple of weeks now to help with socialization and are starting to look for their forever home.  They would like to be adopted together.  They are very playful and curious but still a bit skiddish and careful with new people.  They are looking for a family with older or no kids that has time to acclimate them.  They are beautiful and very fun to watch!  We've been letting them play with our other cats in the clinic for the past few days and they are doing great!  

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