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Who We Are

A Cat Practice has been a part of the DC Metro community since 1988.  We have many long-term clients that have been coming to ACP for over 20 years - some since we first opened!  As a feline only hospital, we offer comprehensive veterinary services with the highest standard of care throughout their lives.

Our Team

Who We Are

Dr. Hannah Levy DVM

Dr. Hannah Levy knew from a very young age that her true calling was to become a veterinarian. She graduated with a B.S. in Animal Science, and went straight into the vigorous program at University of Missouri - Columbia to obtain her doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Since graduating in 2000, she has worked in corporate, private, and shelter medicine settings. In the Summer of 2015, her family made the big leap to move from St. Louis, Missouri to the D.C. area. She was delighted to find A Cat Practice and immediately fell in love with it when she first walked through the doors. She has a passion for cats and it shows through. She shares her home with her husband, children, and four slightly defective rescue cats and two cats that mainly live in the clinic and visit the household  She has strong interest in preventative medicine, dentistry, internal medicine as well as geriatric health.

Support Staff

Our friendly support staff: Laura, Sam, Willie, Johana, and Rosni (sometimes Danya and Lizzie) understand and share your passion for cats. You can be sure that your kitty will receive the very best care and attention at every visit.   Puppy is our clinic cat that spends most of his time helping himself to staff and client laps, helping the staff get their work done and making more work for them.  Latte is Dr. Levy's newest addition and spends most of her days in the clinic playing with Puppy, her toys, and sleeping the time away!  Bean, Dr. Levy's cornish rex will sometimes make an appearance - be on the lookout!